Colorado Community Reentry

Colorado Community Reentry

Colorado community reentry programs and services help to reduce recidivism while strengthening the Colorado community. Individuals recently released from incarceration deserve the same support as the rest of us, if not more. Unfortunately, many of these same people are shunned by society and have difficulty finding employment and housing. These difficulties often lead to poor decisions similar to the one that landed them in trouble, thus continuing the cycle of being imprisoned, released, and returning to incarceration again and again.

The Rock Found is a Colorado community reentry program located in Greeley Colorado. We provide various community reentry services to help felons, ex-offenders, and other individuals lumped into similar categories find jobs, housing, and get the true loving support they need. We also introduce our program members to ministry and are a faith-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Learn more about our Colorado community entry programs and partners in the article below. Or begin getting the support you or your loved one need today by calling 970-352-9571.

Colorado Community Reentry Services

  • Peer mentorship program for added member support and accountability.
  • Job assistance for felons, ex-offenders, prisoners, and individuals recently released from concentration.
  • Skilled trade training for future employment in the service, food, furniture, woodworking, and retail industries.
  • Housing assistance for felons, ex-offenders, prisoners, and individuals recently released from incarceration.
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) session for added therapeutic support to process past events and build moral reasoning skills.
  • Partnerships with other Colorado community reentry programs and reintegration services.

The Rock Found is supported financially by WAGEES and the LCCL (Latino Coalition for Community Leadership). We are also the Weld County regional site for the Colorado Circles of Support and Accountability for ex-offenders.

We firmly believe in restorative justice and wish to help anyone reaching their hand and looking for support. Our local partnerships with Raised in a Barn and CSK’s Grill provide the perfect environments to give members of our program employment opportunities. Visit the links below to learn more about either Greeley business. And our mission statement remains the same as it was when we began The Rock Found years ago.

“No more victims and no one is disposable.”

Learn more about The Rock Found by visiting our website. You can also find all of our recent and future projects by following our social media accounts. There you can see firsthand the same miracles that we are blessed enough to witness every day. If you want to become a part of our program or are looking for help for a loved one, call 970-352-9571. If you have any other questions about how we can help, please email us.

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Colorado Community Reentry

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