Community Entry Program

Community Entry Program

Families are built on love and support. And communities are just a larger form of families. That is why it takes people banding together to really make miracles happen. This has been seen with every major event in our nation’s history. When people are desperately in need, those strong enough are there to help out. And it is this support that gets them to a place once again where they can begin giving back themselves. That is the basis for our community entry program. We band together with others strong enough to help anyone looking for help and support. We are The Rock Found, and you can lean on us. Continue reading to find out more about who we are and what we stand for. You can also visit our website here: The Rock Found.

Community Entry Program | How We Support Our Members

There is one quote that everyone that chooses to be involved with our community entry program stands by: “No more victims, and no one is disposable.” It really is that simple. There are a number of different ways we choose to attack this, but that is the driving force which we use our faith to address.

The mission we have is simple, but by no means easy. We aim to help anyone with difficulties finding work to have hope by providing them with support, mentorship, stability, and job opportunities. We utilize a mentor-based program to strengthen their resolve that helps to build each member’s confidence in social activities and community interests. Our resources provide both housing and employment assistance in order to be with other positive influences looking to achieve similar goals.

  • Faith-Based Teachings & Ministry
  • Housing Assistance
  • Developing Prosocial Skills
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Job Training / Employment Assistance
  • Various Therapy & Support Groups

One of the Therapies we firmly believe in is Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT). These are officially described as “a systematic, cognitive, behavioral step-by-step treatment strategy designed to enhance self-image, promote the growth of a positive and productive identity, and facilitate the development of higher stages of moral reasoning.” As such, members have found these sessions to help them steer away from some of the impulsive actions that might have landed them in trouble in the first place.

Community Entry Program | More Information

The Rock Found believes in restorative justice and is a Colorado Circles of Support and Accountability site within Weld County. We are a 501(c)(3) faith-based non-profit and receives funding from the Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills (WAGEES) community entry as a partner program with the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCCL).

Additionally, our founders run two Greeley, CO local businesses to supplement this funding and provide employment opportunities to our members in the food/service industry and furniture/woodworking industry. You can find links to their websites below. Please CONTACT US if you have any additional questions.

Facebook | CSK’s Grill | Raised in a Barn

Community Entry Program

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