Community Re-Entry Services

Community Re-Entry Services

The community re-entry services offered by Colorado reintegration programs like The Rock Found help to reduce recidivism. Terms like convicts, felons, offenders, prisoners, and criminals all carry a negative connotation. Unfortunately, the people those terms are used to label are often pigeon-holed into a group that makes them seem unemployable. Worse yet, it often makes these same people feel undesired and hopeless.

Our community re-entry services are specifically designed to help these human beings get their lives back on track. The mission our team shares is always the same: Give people in need the support they deserve and provide our members with opportunities to achieve the life they have always wanted.

Did you know that the current recidivism rate for the state of Colorado is currently above 50%? That means that anyone that has been released from incarceration during the last three years has a 50/50 chance of winding up back behind bars. To us, this is unacceptable. And even though the overall goal for our state is to reduce the recidivism rate down to 45%, we think we can do better.

Community re-entry services are specifically designed to combat this startling statistic. Giving supportive reentry services to people so that they may once again become a part of their communities has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective methods we know.

  • Network of local employers willing to give our members new and relevant job opportunities.
  • Job training and pro-social skills that members can carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.
  • Introduction to specific skills needed to obtain trade-related employment positions.
  • Peer mentoring programs for added social support and accountability.
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and other therapeutic programs and support groups.
  • Introduction to ministry through Christian faith-based teachings.

We understand that these community re-entry services are only the beginning. A person’s journey is, well, personal. Everyone has different struggles and hardships. Our hope is that we can also help people to also realize their assets and talents.

No one reaching out for help should ever be left behind. Our group of local partners in Greeley Colorado make up a network to help out individuals from all over our state. Read more about our partners and our mission by visiting our website.

Call The Rock Found at 970-352-9571 to get started on developing a program for you or a loved one today. You can read more news and articles from The Rock Found in our blog. And if you have other questions, please Contact Us.

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Community Re-Entry Services

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