Our Work On The WAGEES Model

Work and Gain Employment and Education Skills Program (WAGEES)

In 2014, legislation was passed that created a grant program in the Colorado Department of Corrections to fund community and faith-based organizations to help people leaving prison find housing, employment and assist with many other transition needs.

The following is a list of the community nonprofit organizations that are available to help people on parole in Colorado. Services are free and people can contact the programs directly or people can be referred to any of these programs by his/her parole officer or DOC community reentry specialist.

Bridge House 4747 Table Mesa Dr. Boulder, CO 80305 Tim Arnold (303) 575-4964 tim@boulderbridgehouse.org
Intake Hours 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. No current offense for sex assault or arson.
Inside/Out- Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center of Hope 242 Conifer St. Ft. Collins CO 80524 Ellen Toomey (303) 907-7598 ellen.t@crpio.org Intake Hours 8am-5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thursdays by appointment. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. All Offenses.
Inside/Out 14221 E. 4th Ave Bldg. #2 Ste. 330 Aurora CO 80011 Debbie Winans (720) 207-5041 crp.insideout@gmail.com
Intake Hours 10am-8pm Tuesday-Thursday, 10am-5pm on Fridays. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. All Offenses.
Christlife Ministries 1211 N. Main St. Pueblo CO 81003 Linda Perkins (719) 647-9235 lperkins@mychristlife.org
Intake Hours 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. All Offenses.
Positive Impact 2210 E. LaSalle St Colorado Springs CO 80909 Rosemary Lytle (719) 634-7813 wageescs@gmail.com
Intake Hours 9:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. All Offenses.
Second Chance Center 9722 E. 16th Ave Aurora CO 80011 Sean Taylor (303) 909-0813 secondchancecentercolorado@gmail.com Intake Hours 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. All Offenses.
Servicios de la Raza 3131 W. 14th Ave. Denver CO 80204 Josef Lopez (303) 953-5904 josefl@serviciosdelaraza.org
Intake Hours 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. All Offenses.
The Rock Foundation 1542 7th Ave. Greeley, CO 80631 Cheryl Cook (303) 252-7453 therockfoundation@comcast.net
Intake Hours 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Thursday. Plan 1 1⁄2 hours for intake. All Offenses.

What Kinds of Services Do they Provide?

Each of the community partners listed above provide services designed to assist people returning from prison to successfully connect with their communities and families. People who choose to enroll and actively participate in the WAGEES program are eligible to receive services such as; Employment Preparation and Placement, Work Clothing and Tool Assistance (pay for clothing/boots/shoes required by employer or clothing for interviews, also for small tools required by employers) Mentoring, Identification Acquisition (i.e. fees for Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc.), Vocational Training Cost Assistance, Transportation Assistance (bus passes or tickets to help attend work and WAGEES activities), Gang Disengagement, Medical Benefits Acquisition (medical and mental health), Housing Assistance (shelter fees, limited housing or hotel rent), Family Reunification/Parenting, Education Assistance (fee for classes and books) and more.

What if I just need housing or transportation assistance but don’t want to enroll in the WAGEES Program?

The WAGEES Program is designed with well-rounded services to help people along their journey returning home or making a new home. Assistance for transportation and housing is an important part of that approach and a limited resource for those who choose to enroll into the WAGEES program. If someone is only seeking transportation or housing assistance without the other services then the WAGEES program is not for them.

How Do I Get Referred to the WAGEES Program?

You can call or stop in to any one of the community partners listed above and request to be referred to the WAGEES Program. Community Partner staff will contact CDOC to request to work with you. Your Community Parole Officer or Community Re-Entry Specialist can also refer you directly to a community partner for help. The only eligibility requirements are; (1) that you currently be on parole and (2) you fall into medium or high risk on the LSI (it’s estimated that 98% of parolees fall into one of the two).

Why would I want to go to a community partner for help?

If you’re tired of ending up in the same places you’ve always been community partners can help you see new possibilities and how to get there. Many of the community partners reflect the people they serve meaning they look, live, shop, relax and worship in the same communities as you do. Most community partner team members have been incarcerated and know what it is to deal with all the “stuff” that comes with that. More importantly, they know what it takes to overcome that “stuff” and lead lives of satisfaction and fulfillment. If you want to keep doing what you’ve always done that’s your choice. If want to give yourself a shot at something better, come see us.