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Corrections does not always correct. The recidivism, or re-arrest rate, for people leaving Colorado’s Department of Corrections is 50%. Half of those releasedreturn to prison. But at yesterday’s Judiciary Committee we heard a report about programs around the state that are demonstrating remarkable success helping former inmates re-enter their communities. Working with community based organizations mostly staffed by formerly incarcerated people, the WAGEES Program (Work and Gain Education & Employment Skills) helped over 1700 people with housing, employment and social services and had a 9% recidivism rate. Operated by Second Chance in Aurora, Positive Impact and Christlife Ministries in Colorado Springs and Pueblo and by other indigenous groups in six other communities, the programs received a unanimous thumbs up by our committee for continuation and expansion. Alternatives to punitive programs, like restorative justice and WAGEES, can change the landscape of corrections.