Reentry Services

Reentry Services

Community reentry services for ex-offenders, ex-convicts, felons, or individuals recently released from incarceration are significant to fighting recidivism. The goal for Colorado is to reduce the recidivism rate down to 45% by this year, 2018. Unfortunately, Colorado’s recidivism rate has grown since that goal was set four years ago and it now sits at 50.0%. That is why reintegration programs with community reentry services must continue to use their best resources to give their clients and members a legitimate shot at obtaining permanent housing and gainful employment.

The Rock Found is just one small part of the most successful network of community reentry programs in Colorado. We provide our members with a variety of reintegration and reentry services. Our clients vary in age, race, sex, education level, and financial status. Their legal troubles caused them to spend time prison, where they each paid their dues and served their time. But after incarceration, parolees and felons still need help.

In fact, to reduce recidivism (which is defined in the state of Colorado as returning to prison within 3 years after being released) it takes a strong support network to help with housing and to provide job assistance. This is how these individuals become stable, productive members of our local communities once again. To us, the idea of restorative justice is not only possible but actually works. And it is one that we witness happen every single day here at The Rock Found.

  • Help Finding Gainful Employment
  • Work Placement & Job Training
  • Introduction to Skilled Trade Positions
  • Peer Mentoring Programs
  • MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy)
  • Introduction to Ministry

The Rock Found partners with other successful community reentry programs in Colorado. This network is what gains us the funding and resources to aid our clients in their journey back to a happy and independent lifestyle. Our strategic partnerships continue to produce amazing, life-changing results. And it is all founded on this simple idea: No one should be left behind.

Local Greeley CO businesses Raised in a Barn and CSK’s Grill provide job opportunities for our members. This exposes clients to the food, service, furniture, and woodworking industries. Visit their websites to see the amazing results they have seen from being a part of our community reintegration network.

The Rock Found is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and a faith-based program. We incorporate our faith into our services and are also a Colorado Circles of Support and Accountability site. If you or someone you know needs a non-judgmental and supportive reintegration program with successful reentry services in Colorado, give us a call. Our number is 970-352-9571 and we respond quickly to make sure we help out anyone in need. Or email us here: Contact Us.

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Reentry Services

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